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The SMS Auto Sender is a powerful iOS app that will allow you to schedule a message that will automatically be sent at the time you selected. While many similar apps will only send a notification letting you know that it is time to send your scheduled message, the iPhone SMS Auto Sender will send your text automatically. You can schedule texts to be sent days in advance. The SMS Auto Sender is the best iPhone SMS app for prepare your scheduled messages. To download the SMS Auto Sender, please visit the Apple app store.

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Schedule messages
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Automatically sends messages
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User friendly interface
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Set repeat messages

Use Case

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Easy to Use

With an easy to use system you can select as many of your contacts directly from your iPhone’s contact list, set a time, and your prepared text will be sent directly to their phone at the scheduled time. With the ability to set the messages to send only once or set the message to repeat itself to send at the same time every week, this allows for timed sharing of information to a group of people, or as a reminder system. Unlike similar iOS applications that let you schedule reminders, you do not need to worry about sending the message at the scheduled time. We go beyond just sending you a notification that lets you know that you need to send the message, we will send
it automatically for you.


The SMS Auto Sender offers 99.99% reliable and on-time delivery of your important messages. As it works by storing the messages on a cloud-based server that will allow the message to be sent automatically, regardless if your phone is on or off. As we store the messages on our server, we offer in-app purchase for each message, with the ability to buy messages in batches. The SMS Auto Sender is the best iPhone text scheduler to ensure
you iPhone scheduled SMS gets delivered on time.
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Flexible Usage

The SMS Auto Sender can be used for personal usage such as a reminder of appointments, meetings, exams, or as greetings for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and other important dates. This app can also be used in a professional setting such as sending your entire staff a reminder that a meeting is about to happen, sending iPhone text message reminders to clients, sending a weekly text reminder, or as an insurance renewal and bill payment reminder.

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